I have been associated with a rural college in western India, Gopikabai Gawande College, in the Yavatmal district in Maharashtra state since summer 2012. I am currently serving as a visiting faculty in social sciences at the College. This College has been my home during my research stays in this region. I have been assisting the College by teaching ESL to BA (social science) students and hosting informal career counseling workshops for all final year college students during my trips to the region. I also helped build and continue to support the College’s partnership with Ohio University.

The students who attend this College are generally first-generation students and come from very poor farming and farm labor families. Almost all students who attend this College can do so because of financial support from international donors and the Maharashtra state government. If you are interested in talking with me about how you could help the College and the college students, please feel free to write to the College’s Strategic Adviser, Ms. Sumeeta Gawande, Esq. or to me (Email: gawande.s@gsgcollege.edu.in or rai@gsgcollege.edu.in.) I am also the administrator of the College’s Facebook page that I invite you to “like” and follow for updates.